Intricate Design Coloring Book One

ISBN-10: 1519761724 ISBN-13: 978-1519761729


Did you know that God loves to color? He invented it!! Just look around you. He could have made the world in black and white. But He didn't. 

Intricate Design Coloring Book One" is a coloring book for adults and young people. It is exactly what it says: intricate! There are designs that will challenge, designs that are elaborate, complex and difficult. But there are also designs less complex. So, one can pick the design best suited to their abilities. This makes it easily shared with others in the family.  There are more pages than most coloring books to be enjoyed - actually 60 different designs.

Intricate Design Coloring Book Two

ISBN-10: 1530318920 ISBN-13: 978-1530318926


This book is for all those who love a challenge. The pictures in this book to color are very intricate. They will challenge you. It is similar to Book One, but the designs are different. As a reward to taking up this challenge you will end up with a beautiful picture fit for framing, and a feeling of satisfaction that you have met the challenge. This book also has 60 different designs.

Pearls of Wisdom


Wisdom is defined by some dictionaries as insight or good sense of judgement. When we encounter a person with wisdom we often leave our conversation with them encouraged or feeling more insightful than before. In these interactions, we encounter pearls of wisdom that are passed onto us unkowingly or with distinct intention. In this book, Mary Ann Seymour endeavors to leave the reader with a new understanding or perspective on different aspects of life. Writing down the pearls of wisdom from her own life experiences, conversations with her heavenly Father, and insightful moments of her day. With age comes wisdom, and in this book Mary Ann passes on little pieces of her own wisdom to you with each passage. It is her belief that the ceiling of wisdom that she has come to can be surpassed by the next generation of those who listen to wisdom. Come along for the journey, pick up this book in the triumphs of your life and the winter storms that you inevitably encounter for a little bit of wisdom to accompany you.

Deep Calls To Deep


Deep Calls to Deep is a collection of poems by Mary Ann Seymour that dig into the deeper matters of life. Throughout the years, Mary Ann has written countless pieces of poetry to express her love for nature, life, and her heavenly Creator. This extensive experience comes through the paper with a range of depth that provokes a beautiful emotional and spiritual journey for readers to engage in with every page turned. Each poem will captivate and provoke you to thought as you enter the spiritually rich world of Mary Ann Seymour's mind. We encourage you to take your time, read each poem with a deep desire to connect, and re-engage with the deepest parts of your spirit.