Kaleidoscope  CD Overlays - Pack 3

Hi there, this is Rachel and Mary Ann for Kreative Minds Technology. Think you so much for purchasing our product. One day as I was cleaning I came across a stack of Cds . Why hadn’t I throne them away? Why, of course as a person who loves to craft, you save things to use when you think of how to use it. I began thinking about it and this is the idea I came up with. I resized some of my black and white kaleidoscope designs, colored them and decorated them.  It was so much fun. Then I thought, why not put some on my website for others to have fun. Not wanting to spend all of my time coloring,  I also resized some of my colored kaleidoscopes  and started decorating them.  When I was all finished decorating  my samples I glued a paper clip on and left just enough showing to hang over a nail. I hope that you will enjoy  these as much as I do. I am making quite a few for Christmas presents. Oh by the way, it is much more fun if you  have a friend or two over to work on some at the same time. I print mine out on photo paper. They are brighter and shinier. My friend Sophia worked with me. She cut out some of the edges and let the shiny cd show around some of the edges. She is one smart cookie!  

Kaleidoscope CD Overlays - Pack 3