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Face to Face

Greetings! Welcome to the KreativeMinds blog!

First of all, thank you so much for visiting this site. In case you missed it on our News page, we're currently in the process of expanding our merchandise opprotunities. When you are finished checking out the many beautiful products on this site, you can go to our Society6 and browse some some of our unique fractal products. We are so excited about the community and creativity that we've found there!

As I am such a lover of color and design (which you may have noticed from the coloring pages in my shop) I thought I would give you some ideas on how to use your pictures once you have colored them.

Kreative ways to use your designs:

1. Before you do anything else, make copies of them. If it is a design you really like, copy it before you color it.

2. Scan them into your computer. That way you will always have a copy.

3. Print out copies on photo paper and frame them. Hang them/Wow!

4. Keep a notebook on your coffee table with your pictures in them to let others enjoy your work.

5. Print out a copy on matte or photo paper and use punches to make little decorations for packages, notes, scrap booking, etc.

6. Print out a copy on photo paper. Use a punch to make one inch/or other sized circles. Get one inch glass cabochons, available on Etsy. Glue design to the back of the glass with something like the clear liquid Mod Podge. When dry, coat the back with the liquid Mod Podge to protect it. When dry, glue on a bail to put a cord or ribbon through and admire your handiwork! You might be able to sell some of them. If you want the full design on your glass, shrink the pictures to one inch. They can also be made in other sizes.

7. If you have a machine to make stickers, use it to make great designs to seal postal letters, put on lunch bags, gift bags and scrap booking.

8. Use them as backgrounds for photos.

9. Use copies of your colored ones to decorate packages. Or, make copies of the black and white one to let the children decorate. Then attach them to plain paper wrappings. Might even make newspaper pretty for packaging.

10. They look very pretty hanging in windows.

11. Resize to the size of CDs and DVDs. Glue your pictures on them. Use a paper clip as a hanger for your amazing pictures!.

12. If you do shrink art, copy to shrink art sheet, shrink, and, voila! A very pretty hanging!

13. Cut into pieces and store in an envelope. When children come to your house, you can get out the puzzle for them to work. It should be glued on something like heavy card stock that you can cut. Perhaps they would like to take it home with them.

Well there you have it. Happy coloring!

Feel free to submit any ideas you might have in the comments. Perhaps when I get some other things done on this website, we could have a contest. Be thinking about that! Thank you for reading this!

-Mary Ann-