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A Garden In Spring

I love Fall (with the exception that it means Winter is on its way) but Spring is my very favorite season of the year. Watching the plants begin to peak up from the ground and quickly become crowned with beautiful flowers. Watching the trees which looked so barren and dead all winter, begin to come alive with green. First, the little green tips appear and then suddenly the trees are filled with dancing leaves furnishing us with life-giving oxygen.

Very soon, people are planting gardens and it is a sight to behold, with each persons unique way of facilitating life. The creativity is unbelievable! There is much that goes into have a garden, from planning to plowing, to planting the seeds and nourishing them so that they might grow. Digging up the soil around them, watering the plants, pulling up invading weeds, and finally enjoying the harvest of those labors.

[A beautiful plant on my front porch, I've managed to keep it alive so far]

I imagine that many people have never through of their making a garden as being creative. We are just following in the steps of Papa God the Creator, who is the Greatest Gardener of all time, the finest gardener ever. Yes, we, as sons and daughters of the King, have been given His creative ability to nurture the life around us. Everyone has creativity because we are made in the image and likeness of God. He is creative, thus, we are creative. You have even more creativity to be expressed than you realize. Ask the Lord to show you the areas in which you have creativity and whatever that is use it for His glory.

There is so much to write about gardens, where would I begin? First, to be completely honest with you, gardening does not seem to be an area of creativity in my life. However, that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate a nice garden myself. In the past I have managed to pull up plants thinking they were weeds, only to find that they would have become a lovely flower. I even planted a large peck of potatoes and harvested peck of small potatoes! But through all of this I've leared a lot about gardens and plants.

[The Clematis in my neighbor Jeane Gillman's yard]

Gardens come in many shapes and sizes, some large with paths and fountains (which we call parks) and some large enough to be able to hunt in. Some are filled with herbs, some with spices, some are flower gardens and some are a beautiful mixture of both. Why am I interested in this vast variety of plant gatherings? Because I believe that people are a lot like plants, but I'll cover that in my next blog post. In the mean time, I've listed below some ideas that you might like to think or do pertaining to plants, there wont be a pop quiz but they might be interesting for you to try.

  1. Think about why people make fun of farmers (e.g., some people think of them as a lower class of people, why?)

  2. Have you ever thought about interviewing a farmer, or spending time helping on a farm?

  3. God planted a garden, what do you think it looked like?

  4. Have you ever wondered why it has never been found?

  5. Do you have a scripture that might give us a hint?

  6. What adjectives would you use to describe such a garden?

  7. Why not draw a picture of what you think the Garden of Eden looked like?

  8. Design your own garden (would it be square, round, rectangular, or spread out with a pathway or a fountain? If you planted shrubs, would you trim them to look like animals?)

  9. What is a Victory Garden?

  10. Make a collage using pictures from a gardening catalogue

  11. What are you sowing into your life today?

-Mary Ann-

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